Finding My Way

Jesus’ Guide to the Universe

Am I OK in my Faith?  Am I following Jesus correctly?  Am I becoming the kind of person God wants me to be?  How do I grow in my faith?  Why does it matter anyway? These questions and more are often at the forefront of following Jesus.  Faith is simple, but not easy.  And as we journey through life, we learn that Finding My Way can be an exciting adventure, leading us to greater meaning, purpose, and satisfaction in life.

1.6 | Why Should I Care?

1.13 | Where am I now? 

1.20 | Exploring Christ 

1.27 | Growing in Christ 

2.3 | The Wall – Overcoming Spiritual Dryness and Confusion

2.10 | Close to Christ 

2.17 | Christ-centered 

2.24 | Charting the Course Ahead

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