WordServe Kids

At WordServe, your kids are important to us, which is why we want to make WordServe Kids one of the best parts of their entire week! Each weekend, we offer high-energy, age-appropriate programming with songs, games, activities, and fun teaching, all designed to guide kids to grow as joyful servants of Jesus. WordServe Kids is divided by age group:

Infants – 3 Year Olds-Downstairs Nursery‚Ä®
4 Year Olds – 5th Grade

WordServe Kids meets at the same time as the worship service (9:45).

On the first Sunday of each month, WordServe Kids' elementary students join the adults during the worship music time to give families the opportunity to celebrate the presence and work of God together. After the worship music concludes, the kids and the WordServe Kids leaders head upstairs for age-appropriate lessons and activities or Compassion projects.

The kids’ Sunday morning experiences in WordServe Kids are created just for the kids to help them experience the presence and work of God in geared toward their age-levels. Of course, if you prefer to keep your children in the worship area with you, that’s great. Family’s worshipping together is important and a great way to grow together on Sunday mornings.

We work hard to make sure that WordServe Kids is a fun, SAFE place for your children to experience and learn about God. That’s why we conduct background checks on all WordServe Kids servants 18 years and up, why all servants are Safe Sanctuary trained, and why we use a secure check-in system.
Below you can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions about WordServe Kids. If you still have questions, we'd love to talk with you! Hang around after the service one Sunday and we'll be glad to answer any questions. You can also email our Director of WordServe Kids, Barbara Pennington, at bpennington@wordserve.org.

WordServe Kids FAQ

What do you believe/what do you teach the kids?
We use interactive teaching, small-and large-group lessons, a curriculum from Orange, and a safe, exciting environment to help your kids learn more about Jesus. We want WordServe Kids to be the best thing about your child’s week as we help them understand more about who God is and what he wants for their lives. Through the lessons on Sunday mornings, kids are invited to know God and to become a part of his work here on earth. For more about what we believe at WordServe, click here.

What is the age range/breakdown for classes at WordServe Kids?
Infants – 3 year olds are in nursery downstairs. Kids ages 4 through 5th grade are upstairs.

When does WordServe Kids meet?
WordServe Kids meets every Sunday during worship from 9:45 to 10:45/11:00.

Where do I drop off/pick up my kids?
Please take your little ones (3 and under) to the nursery to check your child in and get a security label. For ages 4 and up, come with them upstairs to get them checked in at the welcome table and use the security labels. This ensures that parents/guardians are personally escorting their children to and from the classrooms and that the children are safe.

What should my child expect on Sunday mornings?
Your child can expect to have fun as they worship God through upbeat music, hear a relevant Bible story, pray, and talk about God’s plans for their lives. They will learn a Bible verse, get a snack, and build relationships with other children and dedicated teachers during fun games and activities. We encourage children to bring their Bibles; if they don't have a Bible, you can check out this list of recommended resources for some great kid-friendly Bibles.

Who is in charge of WordServe Kids?
Barbara Pennington is the Director of WordServe Kids. You can contact her via email at bpennington@wordserve.org.

What do you do to make sure WordServe Kids is safe?
Each teacher and worker is Safe Sanctuary Trained, including a background check for 18 and up. There is a secure check-in/out system with name badges for each child and parent to ensure a safe pick-up only by the child’s parent. At least two safe-sanctuary trained workers are with children at all times. The one-time registration form includes allergy information and a place for special instructions to indicate who is/is not allowed to pick up your child. This communication is important in ensuring your child's safety. We also have first aid kits readily available and will communicate with parents if any injuries occur.

Do I have to register/enroll my children in advance?
No. You do not have to register your child prior to showing up at WordServe on a Sunday morning. If it’s your first time with WordServe Kids, arrive early to allow yourself a few extra minutes to complete the one-time information page. You can also have time to talk with your child's teacher. Other than that, you can check in when you arrive!

How will I be notified if my child needs me during the worship service?
One of the WordServe Kids’ servants will come and find you and take you to your child if your child needs you.

Can my kids participate in missions/service projects?
Absolutely! We encourage kids to be a part of Compassion at WordServe. There are many opportunities for kids to come serve with their parents. There are also many Compassion projects specifically geared for kids, and WordServe Kids also features specific Compassion Sundays where the kids take part in a Compassion Project during the worship service. Please see our Compassion page for more information.

My child has special needs. Do you have anything for them?
We do not currently have any programming for children with special needs. However, we would love to meet you and your child and discuss how they might best participate in WordServe Kids. Every child is welcome here. Feel free to email us at info@wordserve.org with any questions you might have.

Can my children participate in Communion?
Celebrating Communion is an important act in the life of all believers. We hope that parents will raise their children in the way of Christ and help them understand why we celebrate holy Communion. We encourage parents to take their children to church to learn more about communion and welcome children to share the sacrament and simply ask that the parents would continue to talk with their children about what it means to participate in Communion.

Can my child be baptized?
Children can be baptized at WordServe. There is no age requirement for baptism, though a “Believer’s Baptism” requires the child to understand what baptism means and to be able to declare their commitment to Jesus Christ. For more information about baptism, please click here. If you would like to set up an appointment to discuss baptism with Jon, please email info@wordserve.org and write “Baptism” in the subject line.

Do you baptize or dedicate infants?
At WordServe, we will baptize or dedicate an infant, depending on the desires of the parents. In the case of infants, both dedication and baptism are practices in which the parents make a covenant promise to raise their child in the Christian faith. We ask that parents set up a meeting with Jon to discuss the meaning and significance of this sacrament before scheduling the baptism. For more information on baptism and dedication, please click here.