Rethink Religion

Have you ever heard someone say, "Christianity is just another religion”? What if that were not so? What if Christianity was so much more? What if the way we approach God was not the way God intended us to? How can we recapture the authenticity and joy of knowing God?

Join us for our Back to School Sermon Series, Rethink Religion, and together, we will discuss these questions and more.

Download the Rethink Religion Prayer Card here

9/10 Am I just scratching the surface? 

• Scripture: Matthew 23:1-36 
• Back to School Sunday 

9/17 What does worship mean anyway? 

• Scripture: Amos 5:11-27 
• September 4 – Labor Day holiday 

9/24 What do I really invest in? 

• Scripture: James 1:19-27 
• National Grandparents Day observance 

10/1 Am I alone in this? 

• Scripture: Hebrews 10:19-25 

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